Friday Fun with the Hubs

Meet the Hubs, also known as Nicholas, Nick, Nico, and/or Babe. I decided to put my husband of nearly 10 years to the test to see how he would answer thirteen simple questions about me.

1. What is one thing I'm always saying? You're always saying "Hey, Zshuzhee!" to the dog.  I have a lot of weird, made up nicknames for our dog.

2. What is one thing that makes me happy? Scout. Our dog. I'm obsessed.

3. What makes me sad? Not having Scout.

4. How tall am I? I'm 5'5.5"

5. What is my favorite thing to do? Read.

6. What do you think I do when you are not home? Watch TV and sleep.

7. If I were to become famous for one thing what would it be? Dancing.

8. What makes you proud of me? When you give to others, like when you get excited about doing Operation Christmas Child.

9. What is my favorite food? Pizza.

10. Where is my favorite place to visit? Pennsylvania. To visit my family!

11. What is one thing I do that annoys you? Man, there are just too many things to pick from... Haha, hilarious.

12. What is my favorite movie? Father of the Bride.

13. If I'm out and you get a call saying I'm making trouble, who a I most likely with? Jess.



  1. I love surveys like this... whether the answers are from a husband or a child... always a good read :) Looks like he did fairly good. Have a great weekend!

  2. This is such a fun Q&A! I love learning about bloggers and their spouses.

  3. Fun questions! I agree with Jen's comment above I also love learning about everyone! I often thing the spouses responses are funny. - Crystal