Monday Madness 1.30.17

There are only two days left in January and I'm not sure how that happened. Where did this month go?

I've been busy over the past couple weekends with teaching dance classes and hanging out with friends.

Last weekend I hung out with my friend Jess and convinced her to get a tattoo with me. She had been thinking about getting one for awhile, and I had thought long and hard about my second one. 

I went with an infinity symbol with the three dots; the dots representing me, my brother, and my sister. Me and my sibs are live or die hand in hand. We were all born within a 5-year period and we've been through a lot together, including my parents divorce and my brother's cancer. And now as adults we're all in the same life stage and have bonded because of that. Love my fam!

After the tattoos, we ate at one of my favorite local places, The Crooked Goose, and a delicious Faygo orange soda + Pinnacle Whipped vodka. Hello creamsicle! And I finally watched Pitch Perfect. I was apparently the last person on earth to do so.

This past Friday night we went out and played some trivia with friends, and it was up on Saturday morning to teach more dance classes.

After dance I headed to my sister-in-law Megan's baby shower. We bonded over marrying brothers and have got even closer as we learned me had a lot in common. I love her so much. She's one of best friends so I was so excited to shower her and baby with lots of love!

Can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew in 6 short weeks!

I spend the rest of the weekend hanging out the hubs and fur baby, doing laundry, and watching the men's final of the Australian Open.


Have a great week!


  1. You and your sis in law are precious! I adore your tatoo and the sentiment behind it!! Happy week ahead!!

  2. I can only imagine how fun it is to teach those classes!

  3. Ahh I LOVE Pitch Perfect, did you enjoy it?! It's one of our favorites, we watch it all the time! I love your little of my best friends and her sisters own a studio and I love watching the dancers, so talented and the littles are so cute. I love the meaning of your tattoo, so awesome!

  4. What a great weekend. I just love the meaning behind your tattoo :) I have one, and I'll always be grateful for its reminder!

  5. Your tattoo is so pretty, and I love the meaning behind it! It sounds like your weekend really flew by, but it was filled with all sorts of fun things, which helps a little bit when Monday comes to quickly!

  6. Well you've been up to a lot of fun! I love the meaning behind the tattoo, that makes it so special. And how adorable are those tiny dancers?

  7. Great post - love the tattoo and you look adorable at the babyshower - love your outfit! Pitch Perfect! OMG love that movie!! Did you watch Pitch Perfect 2 yet?

  8. You are so brave for getting a tattoo! I know it's very common these days, but I'm still too scared.