Blogging the Bachelor 21.3

Welcome to Blogging the Bachelor Week 3!

We pick up a 'to be continued episode.' Nick just sent his one night stand (Liz) home and has told the other girls on the group date that they have had sex.

I'm watching this on demand, and I think it skipped a few things because now I'm at the rose ceremony and Christen was given the group date rose which "nobody saw coming."

At the beginning of the evening Nick has to tell all of his leading ladies that, yes, he did have sex with Liz prior to becoming The Bachelor. Does anyone else notice he kind of smirks and smiles every time he tells someone this. Is someone a little proud of himself perhaps?

All these girls have me rolling my eyes. No one seems to have that Nick is a man whore. Whatever.

Corinne is utterly ridiculous. Just yuck. Literally, thank gawd for Jasmine who breaks up their one and one time. I can only watch so much whipped-cream-titty-licking. Come on.

Nick hands out his allotted roses sans Corinne who already has one from an earlier group date. She decides her beauty rest is more important. Has there every been anyone else in Bachelor history who just didn't show up for a rose ceremony?

Hailey and Lacy get sent home. I think. I honestly I have no idea who they are.

Group Date #1
Danielle L, Christen, Kristina, Whitney, Taylor, Jasmine, and Corinne get invited on a Backstreet Boys date. I was more of an *NSYNC girl myself. I'm surprised these girls know who the Backdoor Boys are considering they were all probably between the ages of 5 and 7 when Boy Band Mania was at it's height.

The girls and Nick learn a routine and perform it onstage with the BSB in front of "500 fans." Jasmine is more into the dancing than the guy, and when that happens and the leading man doesn't feel like he's getting attention, it means your days are numbered.

Danielle L is picked by the Backstreet Boys as having the most chemistry with Nick. She is rewarded with a slow dance and serenade.

During the cocktail portion of the date, Corinne announces to the girls that she has a nanny, and refers to herself as a kid. Weird? For sure. Is someone who refers to herself as a 'kid' ready to get married? Nope. Do I love Corinne because she announced it with an I-don't-give-a-damn attitude? Yup!

Danielle L receives the group date rose which was no surprise. Good for her; she's cute and a really good dancer.

1 on 1
This week's 1 on 1 goes to Vanessa, who seems pretty normal thus far. Nick invites to a Zero G plane, and boy is he looking hot in his flight suit and aviators. I'm getting total Maverick vibes (Top Gun reference for you youngins).

Nick and Vanessa have their first kiss during the Zero G experiencing and for whatever reason I find it totally romantic!

Annnnnnnd cue the vomiting.

All's well that ends well. They pop some gum and keep the tonsil hockey going.

During dinner, Nick and Vanessa have (what seems like) a very open and honest conversation which put Nick in tears. #Winning. She gets the rose!

Group Date #2
Rachel, Brittany, Sarah, Astrid, Alexis, Jaimi,  and Dominique meet up with Nick for a good 'ol Nickathalon!

Rachel, Astrid, and Alexis shine,while Dominique crashes and burns on her first time out of the house. Astrid ends up on top and in the hot tub making out with Nick.

Dominique continues to flounder while Rachel shines during the cocktail hour. Dom is vocal about how upset she was with Nick for not checking up on her (or something) during the day portion of the date. Nick's not feeling it, sends Dom packing, and gives Rachel the group date rose.

Pool Party
Pool parties are really my least favorite thing on The Bachelor. Everyone's half naked and drunk and it's really awkward to watch. This one is much the same.

Oh, but this one has a bouncy castle! Yeah, you read that right. A bouncy castle. Thanks Corinne.

All the girls voice their concerns about Corinne and her nanny, but Vanessa seems the most affected.


Until next week!


  1. I feel like this season is the most trashy and "reality". Before it seemed like these people (for the most part) were looking for love. But now, they just want to hook up and get on TV lol. I'm watching but I just can't get into it or excited.

  2. This week was such a shit show, but I loved it so much! Corrine is absolutely insane, but Nick totally doesn't seem to care. I couldn't watch the whipped cream portion of the show! It was just so cringe worthy! I can't wait to see what happens on Monday!

  3. I'm really glad you also noticed that whyyyy are these girls such big fans of BSB having been like 5 years old when 'Everybody' came out! I was complaining to A about it, who did not share my frustration - hah. The choices some of these girls make are absolutely silly. (ahem, Dominique) If you've only talked to Nick like 2 times in this whole process, why would you go to him complaining (already), amiright?

  4. Yay! I will have to see if you have covered other episodes!! I am loving this season!!!! I am Team #Vanessa or #Rachel!

  5. Ugh Corrine... gross! I'm assuming the producers are keeping her around for drama reasons. And I thought the same thing when they all got excited about The Backstreet Boys. I was in high school when they were at their height of fame, and these girls are 10 years younger than me :-P

  6. I love the last picture "move bitches". The girl that dressed as a shark is funny. I don't think she has any chance of "winning" but she will probably stay in the friend zone with Nick. He has some good ladies there if he would just look up from Corrine's boobs long enough to notice them! :) - Crystal