Blogging the Bachelor 21.4

Episode 4! Here we go!

We join the Nick and the ladies at the pool party. Vanessa is questioning Nick about whether he wants a wife or whether he wants a f*ck buddy. His lips say he cares about her, but his eyes say he is going to whatever (or whoever) he wants.

Sara and Taylor decide to have some sort of come-to-Jesus-moment with Corinne (who was napping yet again), like you could ever talk sense in to her. So dumb and pointless. Corinne claims not to be entitled, yet she lives in a high rise in Miami, has a nanny/servant, and claims to run a million dollar company. I don't think we'd know all of these things if she was humble pie.

Vanessa and Raven really stood out to me during this whole debacle. They asked appropriate questions and stayed level headed. Taylor and Sara seem like nice girls too, but are just to young for him. At the end of this process they will end up with each other - as best friends.

Rose Ceremony
Rachel and Michelle L have  roses from their group dates and Vanessa has hers from the 1 on 1. Everyone is convinced that Corinne is not getting a rose tonight. Surprise! She's given the very last rose of the night. Tricky producers. Josephine's jaw is on the floor, and all of the others seem pretty shocked too.

With the final rose given to Crazy Corinne, Nick sends Christen and Brittany bye-bye. Nick must have caught wind that Christen is a virgin.

This week the remaining gals - Vanessa, Kristina, Whitney, Sara, Michelle L, Rachel, Jasmine, Michelle M, Raven, Corrine, Alexis, Taylor, Josephine, Astrid, and Jaimi - are heading to Nick's hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin!

Nick meets with his parents when he gets back to town, who, by the way, looks amazing for having a 36 year old son! After hanging with the 'rents he meets up with the girls and immediately asks Michelle L if she will join him on the first 1 on 1.

1 on 1 #1
If you need a refresher, Danielle L got the Backstreet Boy group date rose in Episode 3. Danielle L and Nick stop at a local bakery, talk with his ex Amber, and he takes her to the spot where he lost is virginity. Not weird at all.

They follow the standard Bachelor program - they go to dinner, Danielle L gets the rose, and they sway and make out to the music of some up-and-coming country star.

What I've learning on this date: Michelle L is a really effing cool chick. She's gorgeous, down to earth, and seems like a genuine and caring person. #GirlCrush

Group Date 
Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaimi, Sara, Whitney, Kristina, Astrid, Taylor, Josephine, Michelle M, and Corinne get invited to a date on a dairy farm, which means RAVEN gets the second 1 on 1.

The girls are required to do farm chores such as feeding the cows, milking them, and shoveling shit. Corinne complains the whole time and I'm choosing not to focus on her negativity. Instead let's check out the best quotes of the date.

"Nick was, actually, really bad handling the teets. He was really bad! Haven't you handle any teets, Nick? " - Jaimi

Alexis: "I've had dreams about milking a cow!"
Nick: "Why doesn't the surprise me?!"

Highlights of the evening portion of the group date for me include Kristina getting more screen time (yay! I think she's SO cute), the book made by Vanessa's students, and Rachel's time with Nick.

The girls yet again confront Corinne about her behavior. They feel it's disrespectful to them and to Nick, and question her ability to be able to "be there for Nick" if they were to get engaged/married.

Most shockingly was the revelation that at the diary farm Corinne lost circulation in her fingers and almost had to go to the hospital.

Corinne ends the night without a kiss and Kristina scores the group date rose.

Wait! The big questions of the night:

Answer: Yup, I do.

1 on 1 #2
Raven gets a true hometown date with Nick and first meets his youngest sibling, Bella, on the soccer field. Poor sweet Raven seems so out of sorts on the field.

Raven has an awkward meet-the-parents moment, and afterwards they take Bella roller skating. Nick proclaims it "one of the best dates" he's been on "ever." I mean, I'm in love with Raven at this point. I don't how Nick wouldn't be.

At dinner Raven opens up about up about how she caught her cheating doctor ex-boyfriend in the act. In fact, she knows what the homewrecker's vagina looks like and beat the shit out of the boyfriend with the girl's stiletto. Weirdly, they bond of the experience of being cheatees not cheaters. Raven gets the rose ya'll, and she's in love!

Rose Ceremony
Let's take in the beautiful rustic setting for this week's rose ceremony before we get into this. Ahhhhhhhh.

Ok, so this week's ceremony brings WWIII (aka Corinne vs. Taylor). Josephine goes all #TeamCorinne and they pound the apps as they discuss how Taylor talks behind Corinne's back constantly.

Now that she has Josephine on her side, Corinne decides to confront Taylor.

Taylor spews some psych speak on to Corinne, something about her not being "emotionally mature enough". Corinne tells informs Taylor that she's not stupid and she runs a multi-million dollar company.

I wonder what the company is. I could totally see Corinne running a high-end escort business. Hopefully we find out next week because this fight is...


Whitney and Josephine are out the door. Jasmine and Jaimi are not far behind, followed by Astrid and Alexis.

Kristina will get a 1 on 1 next week.

Rumors of a Taylor/Corinne 2 on 1 are flying. I'm going to go out on the limb and that, if this happens, Nick will keep both.

Until next week!


  1. I bet you are right about Nick keeping both if Corinne and Taylor go on a 2 on 1 date! I loved the rustic place that they were at for the rose ceremony. I would have preferred a tour of the place and less Corinne talk! -Crystal

  2. We're several weeks in and I still don't know any of their names or have a favorite yet. It's just so over produced. I mainly watch just to complain about it haha!

  3. Ughhh Corrine, I seriously have no words. I think the producers are keeping her around for drama, but she won't be in the final 3 or even 4. I don't like that we're already at episodes that don't end with the results of the rose ceremony, and we have to wait until the next week's episode :-P
    Green Fashionista