Five Things For This Week

//1// Indian Summers

Awhile ago on this blog I mentioned how I really enjoyed the show Indian Summers. It's a British show that is airs in America as part as Masterpiece on PBS, much like Downtown Abbey. Last weekend I binged watched the entire first season, as the second season recently started airing in the States. I was VERY sad to read that UK Channel 4 has canceled the series.

I thinks this show is set in a really interesting time in history, and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and story line. The scenery and costumes were out of this world. Did anyone else watch this show?

//2// Jet Lag
I am super pumped for my France/Monaco/Italy/Switzerland trip even though it's like 250 days away. When Nick and I traveled to Europe in 2013 I had major jet lag when we arrived. Previously, I had traveled to Europe when I was 16, and had no problem. But we all can't be 16 forever and my 2013 trip proved that. I have found an awesome pictograph for tricks and hints!

//3// Doggie Hacks.

I'm totally obsessed and in love with my little Scout. Everything is all about him. I was excited when I found 38 Unexpectedly Brillant Tips for Dog Owners.

//4// Romancing the Throne
What Would Kate Do revealed the cover art for the new book Romancing the Throne by Nadine Jolie Courtney. I seriously can't get enough of 'royal fiction'. I loved The Royal We and I'm just finishing up The Heir and The Spare which is the cutest book ever!

//5// NaNoWriMo

First, this is the stupidest abbreviation EVER. Why can't we all just say Nation Novel Writing Month? It's so much easier.  Anyway, my sister-in-law wants me to particpate this year so I've been reading as much as a I can about it. So I hav en't written fiction in along time, like decades long time. I used to write a lot of fiction as a teen and preteen, but then college happened, and getting married happened, and having a full time job and a house happened. What is my writting really sucks, ya'll? We'll see...



  1. I haven't seen Indian Summers but it sounds like a show I would enjoy! I'm starting Downton Abbey this winter & can't wait :) I loved The Royal We so I'll have to give The Heir and the Spare a try!

  2. I know almost alllll jet lag tips say DON'T NAP if you arrive at your destination in the daytime, but flying from the west coast, I'm often arriving in Europe in the morning and after 17+ hrs travel, ain't nobody tell me I ain't nappin'! For a morning arrival, I swear by one giant long nap as soon as I possibly can check into my accommodation (sometimes I will even pay for early check in - it's worth it), and then I go out for the rest of the day and am able to fall asleep at a normal local bedtime and have very little problems at all after that! Of course if arriving in late afternoon or evening, you just gotta stick it out. My first time to Europe, I took everyone's advice and didn't nap although I arrived in the morning and I ended up falling asleep on a double-decker bus tour! (no thanks ever again)

  3. I really would love to travel to Europe! Maybe someday the Army will send us.

  4. I've never seen the show, but I've seen the whole series of Downton Abbey

  5. I like the infographic on jet lag! I will save that in case I ever get to travel abroad! - Crystal

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