Delicious Food Pairings for Health Benefits

When certain foods are eaten together, already nutritious picks can be even better for your body.

//1// Red Bell Peppers + Black Beans

Black beans are an excellent source of iron, protein, and fiber. However, they contain acids that can inhibit your body's absorption of the minerals. The Vitamin C of of red bell peppers counteracts the effects of the acids. Eating the peppers and beans together will help boost absorption of the fiber, protein, and iron from the black beans.

//2// Meat + Rosemary

Marinate your beef, chicken, and pork with rosemary. Cooking meat a high temperatures on a grill or by pan frying can lead to the formation of harmful compounds called heterocyclic amines which may increase the chance of cancer. Rosemary has powerful antioxidants that can keep heterocyclic amines from forming during the cooking process.

//3// Eggs + Cheese

Calcium is a nutrient our body needs for healthy bones. However, it is a very hard mineral to absorb when your body doesn't have enough Vitamin D.  Two eggs deliver 20% of daily Vitamin D needs and cheese offers the calcium the body needs.

//4// Spinach + Olive Oil

Just one cup of spinach offers more than half of the daily recommendation of Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps with eye sight and keeps your immune system in tip top shape. Eating spinach with a small amount of monounsaturated fats will help the intestinal cells absorb the Vitamin A. 


  1. Looks like I need some spinach...My eyesight is failing me these days and I currently have a cold. -Crystal

  2. I had no idea that pairing certain foods together could add even more benefits! I always love adding cheese to my eggs, so I'm glad that I'm getting that right!