Blogging the Bachelorette: The Finale and After the Final Rose

Welcome to the very last recap for Season 12 of The Bachelorette. Tonight our beautiful JoJo will need to choose between Jordan and Robby.

One of my favorite things about the Bachelor/Bachelorette is getting caught up in the love story and the hope of happily ever after. I'm all for that, but I have to be honest. I don't think it will last with either Robby or Jordan.

The finale episode jumps right in with Jordan meeting JoJo's family in Phuket, Thailand. He seems very comfortable with them right away. JoJo's mom is worried that Jordan is likeable, but may also be a play boy. She expresses her concern to JoJo that they may be too much a like.

Jordan leaves without asking JoJo's father for her hand in marriage although he knows that is a must for JoJo. And she's totally convinced he did ask. Oh, shit...

Next it's Robby's turn to meet the in-laws. JoJo's mom loves his soft and friendly demeanor.  JoJo's brothers give sound advice, saying that she's not picking a New Year's Eve date. Robby pulls JoJo's parents aside to get their blessing to marry her. His speech brings me to tears, as it does JoJo's mother. Gawd, I love Robby. Please pick him! JoJo says that Robby is a great man and her family loves him, but she's not ready to make a decision. Which means she's picking Jordan.

The Fletcher Family is pro Robby. When she finds out Jordan did not ask her dad for her hand in marriage, JoJo is visibly upset. She is SHOCKED. She states that she is confused and torn. I think the only reason JoJo is torn is because Jordan did not has her dad his permission to marry her.

JoJo, a man who brings you flowers is a keeper.

Robby and JoJo frolic on a private beach.

Robby has this whole scenario on how their lives are going to play out. It includes a comfy couch, a dog, a bonus room, kids, burnt meatloaf, sauvigon blanc, and take out pizza. Sounds like my dream life. What about you?

Jordan trusts Robby and didn't realize how she was supposed to be treated until she met him. So, just PICK HIM!

Here's a conversation I had with my friend via text:
Friend: I like Robby, Chase, and Luke. All of them can do me.
Me: At once.
Friend: Not at once tho. LOL.
Me: Hahaha. You know me too well.
Friend: I felt it coming.

JoJo meets Jordan the next day and seems less enthusiastic. Oh, until they get on a pirate ship and start making out.

JoJo admits to being confused as to why Jordan didn't ask her dad for his blessing when it is an important thing to both of them. Jordan tells JoJo he didn't ask her father because he wanted to be sure it's what she wanted. What kind of bullshit is this? JoJo is questioning whether or not he's not ready to propose. It turns into a disagreement and she admits having doubts as to "what is going on between" her and Jordan.

Sounds to me that Jordan has a damn excuse for everything.

During the evening portion of the last date, Jordan comes to the realization that he is going to get down on one knee. He's "bummed" that he let her down and that he should have asked her dad.

Crap on a cracker, man. I really hope she doesn't pick him.

Neil Lane is here to help our two remaining men pick out a ring for JoJo. Robby picks out a gorgeous ring with tons of bling!

Jordan phones JoJo parents and gives the most insincere speech about how he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Whatever. I have to admit he has great taste in rings. I'm partial to oval diamonds, as my engagement ring is oval.

Both guys write JoJo heartfelt letters, but I'm ready for JoJo to tell Jordan 'too little, too late.' But she "believes in him." GAG.

The FINAL Rose Ceremony

Robby is the first man to step out of the limo. My heart is breaking for him. Everyone knows that in Bachelorville the first one out of the limo gets dumped. What is JoJo thinking?! JoJo does not let Robby propose. She doesn't want to "take that moment" from him. JoJo continues to repeat that she wanted so badly for it to be him. He stays calm when asking why and tells her he just wants her to be happy. Frick my life.

JoJo is about to give her final rose to Jordan. She feels ready and excited to spend the rest of her life with Jordan.

Well they seem truly happy and Jordan gets down on one knee and proposes to "Joelle Hannah Fletcher." This is the first time in awhile I haven't cried at a Bachelor/ette proposal. Love the ring and wish them luck, but seriously, WHAT.THE.FUCK.

After the Final Rose
Robby is up first and he gets time with JoJo (who looks awesome!). JoJo reports that telling Robby she did love him was a way of giving him closure. Robby wants to know the reason why it wasn't him and she simply states that her heart was always with Jordan, and her love with Robby wasn't a fairy tale love. Because that's sustainable...

Chad offers up his name to put in the hat for Bachelor. I wouldn't mind it.

Chris mentions that it hasn't been all "peachy keen" between Jordan and JoJo. JoJo admits coming out of it not having support and having to prove their love to others. She says that the tabloids questioning Jordan's love for her has been hard, and Chris Harrison doesn't hesitate to point out that they are in the middle of a family feud.

Jordan comes out and acts fake as always. JoJo is more forth coming in admitting they have had bad times. Jordan and JoJo already have a house in Dallas and he has his bags packed and he's ready to move! Honestly, I zoned out during most of this interview. I hate being a downer on The Bachelor/ette, but I just don't see this one working.

And there was no new Bachelor announcement. Boooo! Well...



  1. I wasn't surprised she chose Jordan, she's been smitten with him since he came out of the limo in the first episode and she just seemed to have a stronger connection with him than any of the other guys throughout the whole season. I'm skeptical that they'll make it to the alter, but I'm always pulling for a bachelor/ette engagement to actually be the real deal <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. I wish that they had announced who the next bachelor was too! I knew after she let Luke go home that I wasn't going to be happy with whomever she picked. I hope that it does work out for them, but I don't have too high of hopes...

  3. JoJo did look great on the after the final rose show! I loved her hair! I need to learn how to do a ponytail like that. I wonder when they will make the bachelor announcement. I like that she suggested Luke and Chase! I do hope that it works for Jordan and JoJo. I like to see that happily ever afters. Loved the text with your friend! - Crystal

  4. Don't be a spoil spot they will make it watch n see

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