Comestics Under $25 (featuring Younique)

Hey ya'll! Today I want to talk to you a little about my all time favorite cosemetics brand, Younique! It's kind of a direct sales thing where you have reps, but you can buy online even if you aren't hooked up to one.

Younique is a high-end cosemtics brand and prices are comparable to a brand such a Clinique or MAC. I wish I could spend my entire montly on makeup and skin products, but I have to leave some money for things such as food and gas. Bummer. Alas, there's GREAT NEWS! Younique offers many affordable options that won't blow the budget.

Products featured today are all ones that I have used and love!

//1// Moodstruck Precision Lip and Eye Liner Pencils have been designed from the ground up. The result is a high-quality product that is not waxy or hard like most other pencils. The jojoba and cottonseed oils help to give our pencils a smooth and fluid feel as the color glides right onto your skin—producing all-day, lasting color that is smudge-proof waterproof. 

//2// Define and shape your brows with rich, smudge-proof, long-wearing color of the Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner. Fill in any gaps with this fine-tipped pencil that mimics the appearance of tiny hairs.

//3// Blending together old Hollywood glam and inspired innovation, Younique is reinventing a classic lip look for effortless, bold beauty. The new Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick is a long-wearing, buttery-soft lipstick that smoothly glides on and provides full, colorful coverage for a glowing and modern look. Pampering pouts for a busy work day or exciting night out, Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick provides all-day wear  without fussy feathering or messy bleeding.

//4// With a mild vanilla fragrance, fruit extracts, and five natural oils, all you need is just a touch throughout the day to add a subtle hint of color while moisturizing and pampering your lips. Lip Bonbons Tinted Lip Balm is one of Younique's newest and hottest products!

//5// Your eyes have an entire rainbow of expressions. Play with 34 luxurious colors of the Moodstruck Mineral Pigment Powder, made of finely milled minerals, amino acids, and vitamins-nutrition for your skin. Apply wet for a dramatic pop of color or dry for a softer, blended look.

//6// Brush on this nourishing fiber gel, Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel, formulated with Uplift Eye Serum, to both shape and tame existing brows while filling in and thickening sparse areas.

//7// Pout, pucker, or smile. You bring the attitude; Lucrative Lip Gloss brings the shine. Choose from 10 colors of this long-lasting, non-sticky, go-to gloss with a handy, convenient mirror on the side of the tube.

All of these featured products (and more) can be ordered at Buying makeup online can be kinda scary and that's why Younique offers a 14 day trial of all products. If you recieve a product and it not the right color or you simply don't like it, you can send it back within 14 days for a full refund!

Anothing great way to try out Younique products is by getting them for FREE by hosting an online party. Hosting in online party is done by creating a Facebook group. All you have to do is invite friends to the group and your rep does the rest. I LOVE running parties. Let me know if you want to earn FREE MAKEUP!

Have you tried Younique? What are some of your favorite products?


  1. That brow gel sounds amazing, and I need that pigment powder! Who doesn't want to obtain that soft blended look? <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. I sell Younique too, I've been hooked on the fiber lash mascara since day one and still am! Love it!

  3. i have heard of younique but have never tried it! my friend sells it and totally loves it.

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