Blogging The Bachelorette 12.1

Happy Hump Day! Today marks the start of another edition of Blogging the Bachelorette (#bloggingthebach). This season we are following JoJo on her journey to find a life long love. Make sure to join me every Wednesday for a recap of Monday's episode!

First, I am so excited for JoJo to be the Bachelorette. I think she's smart, funny, and real. Loved her on Ben's season and  she's drop dead gorj! Can I just say #GirlCrush?!

JoJo's journey starts with a return visit from former Bachelorettes Ally, Des, and Kaitlin. My first thought was, Why the eff is Ally here? For newer fans or those who don't remember, Ally did get engaged at the end of her season, but it did not last. However, the more I thought about it, I think it's good for JoJo has some advice from someone who didn't get the fairy tale ending. As all Bachelor fans know, a happy ending is not always a given. Katilin continues to annoy me at this visit, just like she had for most of her season, and of course the infamous sexcapade with Nick comes up again. The gang mainly talks about love vs. lust.

Pre-Limo Arrival P ackages

I thought ABC did a good job of highlighting some nice, non crazy guys in these intros such as Christian and Grant. Call me crazy, but I actually really liked James S., The Bachelor super fan. I think he's cute and he doesn't take himself too seriously. 

I immediately fell is love with ex-military man, Texan Luke. He seems like a gentleman. We'll see how this season plays out!

Limo Arrivals

I love how excited and open JoJo is during the limo arrivals. She's really jovial compared to Bachelorette's in the past. She's just taking it all in stride and having fun with it.

Chad is a creeper . Why did he stand so close and why is he so intense?

Jonathan who is half Chinese and half Scottish tells JoJo that he's Scottish from the waist down. What does that even mean?! Then he whispers, "I'm not wearing panties!" Well, I'd hope not. I don't think guys are supposed to wear 'panties.' 

Wells shows up with the has-been singing group All For One. I can't blame JoJo, that song 'I Swear' is pretty damn amazing. I also kind of like Wells. He tall and skinny and geeky, kind of my type!

Luke comes in last and makes quite the impression! He's on a horse that is dressed up at a unicorn - and of course he does because he's perfect! #drool

The Cocktail Party

Chad asserts himself has a huge D Bag right off the top with his interviews. He has something to say about everything and everyone. To steal on one-liner from my dad, his mouth runs like a crapper on a duck's ass.

Santa is so weird! However, JoJo is into it. We didn't get to see St. Nick's face during the episode, but check out what I found...

He's got potential! 

Luke gives JoJo cowboy boots, which is super cute from one Texan to another, but all I can think about is how did he know her size?

She is so into Jordan and he gets the first impression rose and the first rose of the season. No surprise there! The interweb is saying he's the front runner. #chemistry

At least three of the guys are totally wasted and two of them bust in on JoJo's interview. The third, Daniel, gets down to his skivvies and jumps in the pool. I love Canadians.

So, Alex the Marine is really cute and he seems really nice. The guys give him a hard time about being short. I did notice his suit pants were high waters. I would think short guys would have the opposite problem. Maybe he bought them in the boys' department.

Ali plays the piano and totally melts my heart. I like to think JoJo felt the same way. I would also like to know how that piano just appeared.

The Rose Ceremony

She's just about to give out the first rose to her second favorite guy, Luke, when in walks former Bachelor Jake Pavelka. Have no fear guys, he's just there to let JoJo know he's supporting her. He's an old family friend. So pointless, get off my TV, Pavelka!

The rose ceremony then resumes without any other notable moments. However...

Evan finally gets his rose! I was checking for wet spots on his trousers when he walked towards JoJo. He was so nervous during the ceremony I was sure he pissed his pants. In case you forgot who Evan was, he's the guy with the horribly spotty facial hair who runs a chain of erectile dysfunction clinics.

Bachelors booted tonight include Nick S (he was one of the drunkies), Peter (I don't remember him at all so...), Jake, Sal and his blue balls, Jonathan "I'm Scottish From the Waist Down" (shocker!, not), and Coley.

Maybe more surprisingly, she kept Daniel the Drunk Canadian. #producerspick

I predict that predictions are going to be hard with JoJo.  However, I think next week a 1 on 1 is going to Luke. Based on the previews I think Grant, Chad, Luke, and Jordan are around for awhile. I also think we should watch for Derek and Chase. I think they may slowly gain momentum.

Until next week...



  1. I haven't started watching this season but this is a great recap! Love it!!!

  2. Great recap, I meant to watch this but totally forgot all about it.

  3. Thanks for the recap!! I didn't catch the first episode, I initially didn't feel like watching it. But after hearing a bit about the first episode, I kind of want to now. LOL!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  4. Great recap! I was so annoyed at the pointlessness of Pavelka's scene. Literally, he just told her to go with her gut. That. was. it. I was just cringing the whole time.
    Luke FTW! I love that guy! I also loved the erectile dysfunction doctor and was so surprised he almost got called last... what's that about?
    Also: just the fact that she kept Daniel makes it absolutely clear that the producers definitely influence (at least a little) who gets chosen.

  5. I dont know how she kept the drunkies around. They were super stupid and ew, if you can't hold it together at first (I get that this process is like HOURS and HOURS), then what the heck? I'd have sent them packing right off the bat.
    How about erectile dysfunction guy? He's so not a typical type to be cast for this show (looks-wise). Chad is a TOTAL D...not a fan, at all.

  6. Love your recap (and your dad's one liner is hilarious!). I loved Luke too! I think he would make a good bachelor if she doesn't pick him.

  7. I could not believe she was into the whole St. Nick thing, did you see how sweaty he was under that Santa beard? Yuck! But I'm excited about Jordan, and not because he's Aaron Rodgers' brother but because they had instant chemistry and seems like a great guy. Can't wait to see where this season goes :-D
    Green Fashionista

    1. The sweat was crazy! But I'm sure it was hot!

  8. I completely agree with you about James S., the super fan! He was so funny! I think he will end up in the friend zone but he will be entertaining the entire time! I loved all of JoJo's comments as the guys were arriving! I think she will be fun to watch! I enjoyed your recap! -Crystal

  9. I completely agree with you about James S., the super fan! He was so funny! I think he will end up in the friend zone but he will be entertaining the entire time! I loved all of JoJo's comments as the guys were arriving! I think she will be fun to watch! I enjoyed your recap! -Crystal

  10. I love your pic with the red x's! Thanks for checking us out today. I am so excited for this season!

  11. By the time the rose ceremony came I was so over it. I couldn't even really focus on what was going on. I'll have some catch up to do next week.

  12. I'm pretty pumped that JoJo is the bachelorette - I think she's great! I actually didn't watch the whole thing (sleepy lol) so thanks for the full recap! I think Jordan is totally going to win! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. Great recap! I am so excited about this season! JoJo is one of the most fun bachelorettes they've ever had and doesn't come off annoying at all! So excited to watch her! Loved Luke- the Texas cowboy boots did it, and I totally had the same thought about knowing her size haha.

  14. Thanks for the recap! My roommates love the bacherlorette, but I haven't gotten into it yet! Now I'm all up to date :)

  15. Thanks for the recap! My roommates love the bacherlorette, but I haven't gotten into it yet! Now I'm all up to date :)

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