Galentine's Day Brunch - Gifts

Less than a week until Galentine's Day! It's time to finish up our brunch preperation with the purchasing of gifts! There is still time for you to pull together a brunch. Take this weekend and helpful tips from Parts I (Invites and Favors), II (Decor), and III (The Menu) to do so!

1. Gilligan and O'Malley pajama sets from Target. Not only does Gilligan and O'Malley offer affordable and comfy pajamas, they sell bras, panties, and lounge wear.

2. Weekender duffle bags for girls getaways! These are easy to find at any department store, Etsy, or Thirty One!

3. Diamond Candles... burn it down for a special suprise. Each candle includes a ring valued between $10 and $5,000.

4. Create your own glam bag. Glam bags are majorly popular right now! Pick out a makeup bag for each friend and stuff if full of their favorite products or share your favorite products.

5. Handmade jewelery. Handmade heart jewelery can commemorate your Galentine's Brunch. Esty has large array of affordable pieces to suit each of your friends.

I hope you have a very happy Galentine's Day and don't forget...

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