Blogging The Bachelor: Week 8 (and 9?)

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It was a full blown Bachelor fest this week with episodes on Monday and Tuesday. Kimberly, Aubrey, and I are ready to dish on the details!

Night 1 – Hometowns

  • Nikki's hair look amazing. I want to know how she styles it like that.
  • I felt like I being forced to watch weird, redneck porn when Juan and Nikki mount that bull together and proceed to ride it. Ew, my computer needs an STD test after typing that.
  • I am in love with Nikki's family.
  • Juan Pablo shows up in Atlanta dress like an ex-baseball player turned bum, and we learn he is a terrible shot.
  • It got a little Mrs. Robinson on the porch with Andi's mom. Apparently Patti loves to “dance” and loves the younger men.
  • Andi's dad is using way too much English for Juan Pablo to understand.
  • Juan makes out with Andi and tells her that he had a great time, but his eyes are saying, “Get me the hell out of here!”
  • Renee came alive during her hometown date. She's so laid back compared to the other girls.
  • Ben's such a little cutie and her family is really down to earth.
  • Clare's hometown – WOW, that is way too much estrogen in one place.
  • Putting it nicely – sister Laura is an odd duck. And we thought Clare was crazy. Clare's sister beats out even Desire's brother for the craziest Bachelor sibling award.
  • Clare's mom speaks Spanish, what?! I'm just glad Sister Crazy finally allowed her to talk.
  • Renee came in with class and leaves with it. She will be missed.

Night 2 – Overnight Dates

All we really care about is what happened with Andi, but before we get there...

    • So, JP feels it's not appropriate to go swimming and kiss in the ocean, but it's fine to “sleep over” with three different women on three consecutive nights. Um, ok.

    • Andi calls out JP for being a name dropper, self involved, and egotistical.
    • So, I'm thinking Juan Pablo knows he's an ass, but didn't count on one of the women calling him out. His smoke screen of “it was so great, she could be my wife,” blah, gag, blah blah, makes me wonder what really went on behind the scenes this season. I'm thinking he's been full of shit this whole season.
    • JP goes on the defense, admits he knows nothing about her, and puts the blame on her that she should have taken more initiative in the fantasy suite.
    • Don't mess up my makeup” translates to “Don't f*cking touch me.”
    • She was too smart, too pretty, and too much of a woman for him

    Jef Holm calls Juan Pablo Galavis “Sleaziest Bachelor” in Show's History. Do you agree?

    Until next week, ladies... Stay classy!


    1. Haha I love y'all's reviews and agree with so much! I'm so glad andi left, and I like JP a lot less than at the beginning.

    2. i wish i could remember the big comment i wrote this morning. i wonder about juan pab. is he really so clueless? i think he might be. i love how concise your post is. mine this week is a big rambling mess. can't even wait to see what the girls have to say next week. i'm expecting some good stuff.