Blogging the Bachelor: Week 5

This week we're off to Vietnam and linking up with Aubrey and Kimberly. Join in on the fun and link up with us! We have so much fun reading other Bachelor fans posts! Just remember, no spoilers (they suck and ruin the fun).

It has to be Nikki, Andi, or Renee on the one on ones this week! He seems to into each of them to varying degrees. We want to see your amazing connections with these ladies, Juan!

Danielle, Kelly, and/or Alli are headed home tonight without a doubt. They don't get much screen time and I don't see him connecting with either of them.

One to Juan Pablo with one to Renee
I'll be honest, after I got home from tennis lessons I spent some time with my husband and missed this.

But I do have a few things to say... FINALLY! However, I think Renee needs some Grade A
American Beef - someone less spicy than JP. Renee is so sweet and so Zen that I think she needs a man who is the same way.

Grupo Fecha
Juan Pablo tells the girls to pair up. Uh, hello, duh. I would have jumped all over that one!

JP was a complete asshole on the boating part of that group date.

Cassandra is such a little sweetie!

He takes Clare to his suite in the middle of the group date?!?! So the assholey-ness continues...

Sharleen's backless dress was amazing! Also, she seem way cooler and much more at ease when she's  hanging with the girls vs. JP.

Group date rose goes to Clare. Biggest shocker in Bachelor history. NOT. And she pulls a Courtney Robertson. Well, at least she kept her top on. I lost her on that whole baby giraffe analogy.

Uno a Juan Pablo con una a Nikki
 Nikki looks so cute! I love her hair and sneakers.

Juan had a great ass view during that repelling. I think he may have grabbed it there at the end.

"Even though we're in hell, being here with Juan Pablo feels like we're in Heaven."  Oooohhh gawd. Did she really say that?

Nikki is really well spoken and is very open. I don't know what her problem was last week, but I like her again this week.

Rose Ceremonia
So happy that Renee finally got her kiss!

Oh, Clare! It's not you, it's him... "If he didn't think it was right then she shouldn't have done it." DING DING DING!

Kelly, Danielle, and Alli went home. Things should get exciting next week. We've seen a decent amount of the remaining girls and JP choices will get harder!

I will miss Kelly's tell-it-like it is attitude.

Mis Pensamientos
Vietnam is a beautiful country.


  1. You are good at predictions!!! I'm really impressed that you remembered Danielle and Allie's names! I will miss Kelly's talking heads too! She was funny.

    And when Juan Pab kissed Renee, I was grinning like a fool. It was great timing.

  2. i'm so sad kelly is gone. she was just starting to get funny. please bless they bring back bach pad and she's on it. i'm glad nikki is back to being likeable, last week must have just gotten to her.