Monday Madness: First Monday of November!

I can't believe it's November already! Have you done any fall crafts? We are moving into holiday season! It seems to come up so quickly every year.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and are ready for a new week!

I went to leave for work last Monday my car wouldn't start! It turned out to be just a dead battery, but I had to have my neighbor jump it so I could get to work. My neighbor was so willing to help. It was really refreshing! To thank them I made some homemade apple strudel and took it next door.

I think little thank yous and random acts of kindness can go a long way and really brighten a person's day. I love doing little random acts of kindness for my hubs. It's usually just little treats from the grocery store – something to let him know I'm thinking of him and to let him know he is appreciated.

My package from Old Navy arrived this past week. I feels good to have new fall essentials such a skinny jeans, sweaters, and long sleeve t-shirts!

If you followed my Dinner: Impossible challenge you know that I hate cooking. HATE IT. I'm also not that great at it. Case and point. On Friday night I made a frozen pizza, but forgot to take it off the cardboard before I put it in the oven. OOPS!

Nick and I saw Last Vegas on Saturday and enjoyed the Michigan State v. Michigan game (that's a huge game here in Michigan). Well, he enjoyed it, I read through it. However, I wore my green and white to support my hubby's Alma mater. GO GREEN!
Have a great week!

Xo, Ashley


  1. i bet the streudel was very appreciated ! excellent way to say thank you !
    I love Mondays, a new week, the past of last week gone, a new one begins.
    I started baking some breads today, too cold for outdoors, at least for me. So I enjoy experimenting with recipes, adding this, exchanging that.........
    otherwise no real crafts goin' on. I have been making pillows and pillow covers for the new bench seat in the living room, forgot about that !! You and I can sit and catch up on them SOOOOOON!

  2. I made a fall wreath back in September, and I'm already working on my Christmas one. I'm waiting on my ON package today, too. Love fall weather and boots and sweaters!

  3. So fun getting clothes you ordered in the mail! It's like Christmas! I love that you do random acts of kindness for your hubs. I need to do more of those!

  4. Thanks for stopping by & following my blog, Ashley--I've just followed you back!

    Fall crafts: I've made my first yarn-wrapped wreath recently, a fall-themed one that will get me through Thanksgiving. Here's a link to it if you want a peek:

    I plan to start on a Christmas one soon--I'm thinking light blues/turquoise with sparkly white and snowflakes, maybe?

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