Smart Moves for Your Heart

Lay off the salt. According to a study by the CDC 89% of Americans consume more sodium than they should. This is a huge factor in high blood pressure and, in turn, heart disease and stroke.

Stop smoking. Smoking not only damages the lungs but is also damaging the heart and blood vessels. Smoking is the number one controllable factor in heart disease. Stay away from second hand smoke too!

Manage stress. A Penn State study revealed those who had more stress and anxiety had a lower heart rate variability which is a risk factor heart disease. Talk to a therapist or a good friend, do something you enjoy, and take steps to eliminate the things that stress you out!

Exercise. Aerobic exercise (or cardio) is good for your heart health. It's one of the the most effective tools for strengthening the heart muscle, keeping your weight under control, and helps to prevent high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure that can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Eat fruits and vegetables. Eating five serving of fruits and vegetables a day to boost your heart health. Make a conscious effort to include fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.  Try having a fruit and vegetable with each meal and also snack on them in between meals.

Keep up on oral hygiene. According to the Cleveland Clinic, research suggests that bacteria that cause gum disease can also raise your risks of heart disease. There's no downside to taking good care of your teeth and gums! Brush and floss twice daily and visit your dentist every 6 months.

Have sex. Sexual activity may help lower your blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Research published in the American Journal of Cardiology shows that a lower frequency of sexual activity is associated with higher rates of cardiovascular disease.

Drink tea. Brew up green or black tea! Drinking one to three cups of tea per day can help lower your risk of heart problems. It's linked to lower rates of angina and heart attacks.


  1. Oh man, my dad needed heart surgery a few years ago. I know he takes care of his teeth so.... lol.

  2. Sex. Yes!! But love all of these. I heard about the teeth thing and my insurance actually covers 3 cleanings a year!!

  3. Thankfully I do not smoke, but I definitely need to listen to the rest of these suggestions! Although, I do drink at least one cup of tea a day. I love tea so much ha ha!

  4. Black tea is one of my absolute favorite things!!