5 Pooch Sleeping Positions Decoded

Sleeping habits can give us clues about a dog's health and happiness. By paying attention to our furry friend's sleeping habits, we can learn a lot about how they are feeling since they are unable to tell us directly.

//1// The Side Sleeper

When a dog is sleeping on his side you can bet that he feels safe and comfortable. All of the dog's vital organs are exposed in this position. The position also leaves their limbs free to move during sleep.

//2// Curled Up

The curled up position is the most common dogs will take when sleeping. Curling up nose to tail protects the vital organs, helps conserve warmth, and makes it easy for the animal to get up quickly.

//3// The Super Pup

This position makes it easy for dogs to spring up and get moving. Dogs that sleep in this position don't want to miss a chance to get in the action. It's a popular choice for high energy pooches.

//4// The Back Sleeper 

Dogs who sleep in this position tend to be very-laid back. Sleeping on the back is the most vulnerable position for a dog. It's a sign of submission and makes it hard for the dog to get on his feet quickly. This sleeping position also allows the pup to cool off. Exposing the belly and paws are great ways to beat the heat.

//5// Cuddled Up

Your dog may enjoy sleeping back to front or cuddle up with you or other pets. This means your dog wants to bond or get close to you. This position shows the pup is very loving and affectionate.

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  1. This is the cutest! Roxy was a big side sleeper which we called "pig roasting" <3