The Healing Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a choice. We can choose to be grateful at anytime, anywhere - not just around the holidays. It's hard to choose gratitude in the busyness of life and the busyness of the holidays, but there are simple ways we can choose to be grateful every day.

Write it down. One of the best ways to feel thankful is by writing it down. Keep a gratitude journal. Write down what down what your grateful for and why. Be specific!

Say it out loud. Express your appreciation to others and do it in a way that acknowledges the person's action not how their act makes you feel. This approach can strengthen bonds!

Focus on the little things. Look around for small acts of kindness. We don't have to be grateful for just the big things like family, home, and health. Be grateful for the random acts of kindness you may find during the day.

Give yourself reminders. Stop multiple times during the day to notice, appreciate, and savor the
good in your life. If you have time, pray, meditate, or take cleansing breaths while doing this.