2018 Thanksgiving Shenanigans

Nick and I headed back to my home state of Pennsylvania to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year! It was the first holiday in two years that we were able to spend with them.

We have really small family and a very small extended family so Thanksgiving at home is always really relaxed. For dinner it was only my dad, mom, my sister, and me and Nick. My brother's wife and my two nieces came later in the evening to hang out, and I always miss my brother because he works retail and works on both Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

I always take Christmas gifts for my nieces, Emma and Ella, at Thanksgiving instead of mailing them in December. I enjoy watching them get excited about opening their presents!

My sister got me the best gift this year. It's a blanket with Scout on it!

I love just getting to spend time with my family, especially my little nieces. We had a "sleepover" later and no boys were allowed (per Ella)! Sorry Dad and Nick!

But "Uncle Noodle" (as the girls call Nick) did get in on some fun.

Friday afternoon my sister and I took my nieces to hibachi. These girls are NUTS for hibachi!

On Friday night my sister and I headed over to a Chriskindlmarkt that the non-profit arts organization  she works for puts on. I picked up a few stocking stuffers for Nick and maaaaybe a little something for myself too!

My sister is the volunteer manager/coordinator of the company, and she and her staff of two work their butts off at these events. I was glad she managed to get the weekend off to spend time with me while I was in town!

On Saturday I went on a Cocktail Trail with my BFF, Sara Jane, her husband and my sister to support Small Business Saturday. It was fun to walk around, shop, and drink!

We discovered this place, Vault 634, which used to be an old bank that has been turned in to an event space. It was GORGEOUS.

Sunday was another great day of fun and family and food. Pennsylvania has the best pizza - New York style pizza - that you can't find in Michigan. I always have to have it when I'm home. We hung out with my sister-in-law and took the kids to the neighbors' to feed the chickens and collect eggs! We sadly started the trek back to Michigan that evening.

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving!


  1. Aw your nieces are really cute. That bank vault space is so cool looking! Love that dog blanket you got too!

  2. You guys look like you had the best time!

  3. I loved reading about your weekend home! So glad you got to spend a holiday with the fam, and it sounds like you guys had a great time! XOXO