Five on Friday 7.14.17

//1// I'm loving eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream! The sheabutter shaving cream is available in four scents - tropical fruits, pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bliss, and lavender jasmine. I love how moisturized my legs feel after using it.

My skin's sensitive and always really irritated after shaving, and this product has changed my. It also has nourishing vitamins, green tea, and grade seed extracts. You can also use it to shave dry! I purchased mine at Target.

//2// I'm back on the Downton Abbey train. I know the series end so long ago, but I was so far behind. I finally finished Season 5 this week after not having watched it for over a year!

I forgot how much I loved this show. It has some of my favorite fiction love stories such as Branson and Lady Sybil, Anna and Bates, and Atticus and Lady Rose. I have the last season to watch, and I'll be sad when it's done. Who was your favorite Downton couple, and please - no spoilers!

//3// Check out Experiencing the Monaco Grand Prix, my first post about my trip to Europe in May!


//5// I'm excited to announce our next adventure... We're headed to Ireland! We found an amazing off-season deal and will be headed to Ireland at the end of January. Can't wait!


  1. Oh yay! Im sure you guys will have a blast in Ireland - travel is really the best!

  2. Ahh Downton<3 I think Sybil and Tom were my favorite couple too!

  3. I watched a few episodes of Downton and it's really good!!! I may have found my new show to watch.

  4. I have never watched Downtown Abbey. I need to add that to my list of shows to binge when I'm on maternity leave! Oh, the Cliffs of Moher!! Ireland is so incredibly beautiful. You will have an amazing time. I absolutely loved the Cliffs. The food and Coke, not so much. Ha. :)

  5. I love the quote above! I have never watched Downtown Abbey. I need a new show so maybe I will watch that one! -Crystal