How to Have the Most Awesome At-Home Tailgate

As many of you have read I spent last weekend in the cold and rain tailgating at an MSU game. Not being a big football person, I was pretty miserable. This weekend marks the big Michigan State v. Michigan game - the biggest game of the year! Below you will find all the components you'll need for throwing a successful at-home tailgate.




Outdoor Activities. 

Team Colors.
Don't forget your friends, family, and a TV for viewing!


  1. It all looks like the perfect recipe for fun!
    Link this up with Jessi and I today!

  2. 7 layer dip is one of my favorites, but crazily enough almost none of our friends here like it! So I don't make it for parties very often. But to me it's total football watching food! Love your round up here!

  3. Tailgating is so much fun. I haven't been in years nor have I been to a football party. I'm usually working when the games are played. Too bad cause the party looks like so much fun.

  4. Definitely hits all of the requirements! I've been looking for some new tailgate food recipes - definitely going to try that seven-layer dip!


  5. So so so sooo excited for the game this weekend! But don't hate me - Go Blue ;)

  6. this post is making me hungry for the weekend! and now it's making me think about throwing together some bacon-jalapeno poppers.

  7. Love it! Tailgating is my fav! those recipes look so good!