Monday Madness Link Up 9.28.15

Another Monday is upon us.

I wish I had something fun to share from my weekend, but I spent it lounging and doing multiple chores. My kitchen and master bath got good scrubs and it makes the house so much better!

Scout and I were on our on this weekend. Nick's left for his yearly guys only 4-wheeling trip on Thursday morning. The little guy (Scout) decided to kill a rabbit on Friday morning. So there I am at 7:15 on Friday morning in my scrubs in the back yard running around, yelling at Scout to stop and leave it, and then I'm screaming because this near lifeless rabbit is flopping at my feet. I'm sure the neighbors loved it. The icing on the cake is that Scout did it again on Saturday morning. I was able to get him way before he went in for the kill this time. Not cool.

My little killer.

Friday night I went out with my BFF from my MA program. It was great to grab dinner and drinks!

I feel like I've finally turned the corner and have gotten over the cold I had. I'm feeling so much better!

I painted my nails by favorite color - Ballet Slippers (Essie). And that was my weekend...


  1. I love ballet slippers from Essie--it's a pretty color! :)
    So sorry you had to deal with Scout and the rabbit...I would have been freaking out too!
    Love the cupcake meme! :)
    Happy Monday!!

  2. Poor rabbit :( Maybe he won't do it this weekend? Other than that it still sounds like a nice weekend.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  3. Oh my goodness! Our dogs have done that before. It amazes me how they are such good hunters by nature. Glad you're feeling better! Happy Monday!

  4. haha oh my gosh that last Minion meme. SO TRUE!

  5. OMG, Scout! I can totally picture that backyard scene going on, haha. Glad you're feeling better and totally agree that Ballet Slippers is the est :)

  6. OH I would've been devastated if I saw the bunny. At least you know you'll be protected if any killer bunny tries to get in to your house to rob you! :) Trish - tales from trish

  7. Oh my gosh, I would have been freaking out about the bunny, too! I love Essie's Ballet Slippers-such a gorgeous color! :) Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  8. Ugh I have a cold now. So miserable! Here's to a healthy week ahead for the both of us :)