Top 10 Posts of 2013

I launched this blog last June (2013) and have had an awesome time putting up posts, meeting other bloggers, and over all have just been having fun with it. I have officially reached over 100 posts! I've put up so many different stories about so many different things. I love the diversity of content I've created with this blog and hope you all have enjoyed it too! Thank you for reading, and check out my favorite posts from 2013!

Top Ten Posts of 2013
1. Elyse

I head back to work FULL TIME in January, which is an amazing blessing for Nick and me. I hope to keep up the same amount of posts and still be able to check in on my favorite blogs.

Love and prayers for 2014!



  1. We have nominated you for a Liebster Blogging Award. All the information can be found here...
    Thank you for being a great bloggy friend. :)

  2. Loved The Beach VS "The Beach" haha. I spent my summers on the island of Puerto RIco so ive always found it funny that people call lakes "beaches" lol