Christmas Tree Adventure

We finally got our Christmas tree! Our house is now filled with Christmas spirit. Don't forget to enter my December giveaway. I don't have that many followers so you actually have a shot. Great items – including mason drinking jars – this month!

We went to a tree farm that is less than 5 minutes from our house. There was a foot of snow on the ground and it was still coming down!

We decided to go with a smaller tree this year and put it in our entry way right off the living room. Most of the ornaments we have on our tree has sentimental value. This is my first Christmas without my Grandmommie and it was nice to see that she was all over our tree with the many ornaments she gifted us with over the years. Nick hates the silver tinsel, but I love it. I realize it's super tacky and makes it look like Christmas threw up on the tree, but it's an Angle tradition! I love our little tree!

Have an awesome week! xo, Ashley


  1. i think it's so amazing how you can actually go and cut down your own tree (: being from southeast asia, this is an experience i never had haha.

    1. Oh, wow! It's been a tradition in both our families! How do you celebrate there?

  2. Look at all that snow, wow! I'm jealous! And cute tree!

    I love the silver tinsel btw. Tinsel makes me nostalgic for some reason, and it's so shimmery, I can't help myself :) I always like it on my xmas trees.