Wearing the Pants

Photo by Nick Fleury

I chose these pants off the rack because they looked amazing and comfortable even on the hanger. They felt even more amazing when I put them on! These are my go to pants for almost everything - exercising, housework, lazy days, PJ bottoms, and - yes - I even wear them to the grocery store. They are perfect for traveling and I wore them in May on the flights to and from Europe. They kept me cool and comfortable the entire ten hour flight!

Only after experiencing their magic did I find out they are a certified organic product and made with certified organically grown bamboo and certified organic cotton.  According to the company's website, www.greenappleactive.com, benefits of bamboo include its anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects, its breathability, and natural thermal controlling properties. Bamboo fiber naturally blocks 98% of all harmful UVA rays (but don't forget your sunscreen! You will want to be protected from UVB rays, too).

Photo by Nick Fleury
Prices for bottoms from Green Apple run from $40 to $50 on the company website. I picked my pair up at my local TJ Maxx for $16.99! It was a steal! If you cannot find this product discounted, I promise it is worth every penny spent! They wash and wear like new every time. Visit greenappleactive.com to find retail locations and wholesale opportunities. These would be great to sell in yoga studios, dance studios, gyms, and fitness centers.

Green Apple's website also features a blog, newsletter, and how to get in touch with them via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. A variety of products are available including tops, jackets, capri bottoms, and shorts.  Learn more about living green! www.greenappleactive.com.

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Photo by Nick Fleury

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