Meet Olivia...

Olivia is a fresh faced high school junior who is anything but the high school cliche. While most of her classmates are embracing the hipster style, Olivia is breaking the mold and finding inspiration though alternative music - listening to bands such as My Chemical Romance. Olivia is able to rock her punk style - consisting of spikes, skulls, and a darkish color pallet - by keeping her make up natural. The occasional eye liner and mascara set off her eyes. "Everyone needs to learn to accept themselves and love themselves and not worry so much about others or society," Olivia says of her not-so-traditional style choices. Such wise words!

This sixteen year old relies on ProActive and an exercise routine to keep her looking and feeling her best. One thing that may be surprising is that Olivia is a trained tap, jazz, and ballet dancer. She supplements her time at the dance studio with walks, additional work outs, and a healthy diet. She says, "If it tastes good you probably shouldn't eat it."

It is dance and music that keeps this girl motived. "Right now I'm overcoming a lot of battles and am going about life in a more positive way," says Olivia. We love to hear about positive attitudes here at A Cute Angle and send Olivia best wishes as she finishes high school, works to enter into the behavioral neurology field, as her style evolves, and as she becomes an adult!

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