10 Kitchen Tools for The Great British Bake-Along

The new season of The Great British Bake Off kicks off the in US on Netflix on Friday (with a new episode every following Friday)! Whether you want to test your skills with molton puddings and arlettes or start with soda bread or Chelsea buns you'll want a few tools to add to your kitchen!


A bakeware set is a must-have for a baker of any skill level. Choose a set that comes with different sized and shaped cake tins and that includes a muffin tray, baking sheets, and a loaf pan.


Choose a fun apron that matches your personality and protects you clothes from any baking mishaps or disasters! I suggest a Union Jack apron in a nod to The Bake Off!


Exact measurement of ingredients is the key to any bake. Use the scale to get the correct amount for a show-stopping end result!


A stand mixer is a great for mutli-tasking. You can throw in the specified ingredients and let it mix while working on a different part of the recipe. It will also save you from using a lot of elbow grease! A KitchenAid mixer is an investment so look around for other stand mixer brands (that often include the attachments) that may be more in your budget.


The Great British Bake Off contestants only get a set amount of time for their challenges. Cooling racks are key to bringing down the temperature of your creations so you can get to decorating quicker!


You'll need a kitchen thermometer if you plan to bake a game pie, temper chocolate, or make caramel (which the constants on the Bake Off often do). Choose an easy-to-read digital thermometer that multitasks for sweet and savory creations. 


Get a dough scraper for bread and pastry week (or anytime you try one of Paul Hollywood's famous bread recipes)! A dough scraper is used to manipulate raw dough and used to slice it. It also can be used to cleans surfaces on which the dough as been worked!


A frosting spatula, commonly known in the baking world as a palette knife, is a utensil designed specially for spreading frosting (or any other substance) on to a flat surface. This tool will allow you to spread your icing quickly and evenly!


Piping tools are so important for putting on the finishing touches! You will want a set that includes piping bags and piping tips of many different shapes and sizes. Presentation is important on The Great British Bake Off!


You'll need something for presentation. Again, think about saving time! Go for a cake stand that pulls double duty - one with rotating capabilities - so you can ice and decorate easily and not to have to transfer the bake to present! 

Shop the tools for The Great British Bake-Along:


  1. I have all of these except a dough scraper! That's a great one!

  2. I have seen this show once and now I want to bake.