Our End-of-Summer Mini Getaway

 For the past five years Nick and I have gone to Cincinnati to the Western & Southern Open and to spend time with friends. Although the tennis tournament still happened, it moved to New York City and no spectators were allowed. I still felt like me needed an end-of-summer getaway!

We took a short, 2ish hour trip to Indiana and the Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee. We enjoyed two days of sunshine and relaxation! The resort was right on the water with small sand beach section. The best part about the Oakwood Resort is that it's dog friendly!

There was plenty of outdoor space and Oakwood had an awesome restaurant, The Pier and Back Porch.

We stayed on a Sunday and Monday nights so the place was pretty quiet which was great for reading and relaxing!

We had the best waiter this day. His name was Chuck.

The second evening we went to a local place called The Channel Marker which is situated on a canal and also had a patio so we could take Scout!

Talk about yummy food!

After, we went back to the resort to relax before checking out the next morning.

I convinced Nick to stop at the Shipsawana Flea Market on the way home. Shopping and/or walking around checking out stalls of goods, antiques, and crafts is really not his thing, but I got him to stay positive with a promise of a homemade soft pretzel. He perked up even more when I bought him some homemade strawberry rhubarb jam and homemade snickerdoodles! And Scout was allowed to walk around with us!

I really wanted this silver tea set, but used my good judgement and decided I didn't need it. But isn't it so pretty?!

We had a great two days, but I think it might have been too much excitement for our 11 year old pooch!


  1. It looks like the perfect getaway. And that burger and fries has me hungry.

  2. Glad you guys were able to get away to celebrate what's left of summer. Outdoor dining on the water for the win <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. It looks so relaxing! I'm glad you got to take Scout!

  4. Looks like fun! Loving all the photos!

  5. What a sweet getaway, BEAUTIFUL view from your room, and such a sweet pup!!!!