Hot Coats for Cold Weather

Ladylike coats are prefect for winter this year. Try dressy details such as a shawl color, ruffles, or bows!

Faux fur is always cool for cold weather. Go for full faux fur or save it for the details.

The perfect puffer is the best coat for sub zero temps. Rich colors and fun fabric can really elevate the traditional puffer coat.

Military coats are tried and true. Shiny buttons are a staple of this classic, but can be made modern with an asymmetrical cut or zippers!


  1. It's like you can read my mind! I was JUST saying I need to buy a new coat today. So many great ideas now!

  2. I love coats with the big collars - big or furry - either one. Makes me feel like Ican get cozy up in them :)