Four Energy Giving Foods

I lack serious energy on Mondays and instead of turning to iced coffees and energy drinks, I've been trying to incorporate food that are naturally energy giving.

//1// Fortified Orange Juice

Fortified orange juice contains Vitamin D which is important for immunity and energy. Getting enough Vitamin D during the day might help you sleep better at night, and good night's sleep is key to feeling perky throughout the day!

//2// Bulgur Wheat

Carbohydrates are the body's main source of energy, but you need to pick the right ones! Bulgar wheat is a whole-grain, high fiber carb that gets digested more slowly than low-fiber carbohydrates. That means energy is released over time and you feel energized longer. Bulger wheat is great on salads, mixed with vegetables, or as an alternative to rice!

//3// Shellfish

Oysters, clams, and mussels are a top source of iron. Iron helps transport oxygen around your body which is important for fighting fatigue. Lobster and shrimp are yummy too, but have less iron!

//4// Almonds

We often aren't getting enough magnesium! Not having enough magnesium can make even the simplest tasks really tough. A half of a cup of almonds gives you 1/3 of the daily intake of magnesium we need!


  1. Ha! I cannot tell you HOW much I NEEDED this today! I needed all of them. lol Serious case of the Mondays.

  2. It's definitely an interesting thought to just eat better...instead of focusing on sleep and caffeine and exercise :)

  3. I so needed this on Monday! Almonds would have helped!

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