What's Up Wednesday?!

I've been reading a lot for book club. I've recently read The Passenger, How to Walk Away, Big Little Lies, and I'm currently working on The Lying Game. The Passenger was a really great find, How to Walk Away was a fast, cute read that didn't do much for me, and I watched the HBO series before reading Big Little Lies. The HBO series and book are very similar so I was able to read it fast.

We've been having a few warmer days. I don't think we've turned the corner yet, but I do appreciate the sun!

I started watching Queer Eye on Netflix and it.is.EVERYTHING. I love this new set of guys that make up The Fab Five, and it's a really is, truly a really inspiring show. And funny which is great! Also, I've learned a lot of grooming and fashion tips.

JT is coming through GR tomorrow night and my friend Sam and I are going to see his Man of the Woods show! Sam's more of a fan than I am, but I figure I need a night out and I should see Justin at least once as not a part of *NSYNC.

I've made this Philly Cheesesteak Chili twice now. It's doesn't taste like a Philly cheesesteak, but it has come out awesome both times! It's my go to chili recipe now and the hubs really likes and appreciates it! Win, win.

I'm obsessed with Norwex. It's really bad. I went to another friend's party over the weekend. I purchased the descaler, pillowcases, and kitchen towel this time around. I already have a window cloth, Envirocloth, body mitt, bathroom scrub mitt, hair towel, some body cloths, the Enviro Sponges, the dusting mitt, and the scrubber towel. Does anyone feel me here? I can't stop and there is so much more that I want!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. How to Walk Away is on my nightstand.

    I've never bought Norwex, but at least they're *useful* products? Compared to just buying random makeup or bags or something.

  2. I love Queer Eye. How to Walk Away was a cute read for me and I enjoyed the ARC of her next novel Things You Save in a Fire.

  3. I loved Big Little Lies, and still haven't seen the show because I don't have HBO. Come on Netflix!
    Green Fashionista