Monday Madness 3.12.18

A very happy 1st Birthday to my sweet niece, Liesel! Her mama and I married brothers, and over the last decade have become the the very best of friends. Excited to go to her Madeline themed 1st Birthday party!

My Weekend...


Nick and I celebrated our TENTH wedding anniversary on March 1!  I remember thinking how I felt 2018 was so far away when we got married in 2008, but the last ten years have gone by so fast. Marriage takes a lot of persistence, team work, and compromise.

In early January, before we left for Ireland, we got some family photos done to commemorate 10 years. We hadn't had professional photos done since our wedding!

This Valentine's Day I was a part of The Blended Blog's Spread the Love Swap. I was supposed to have my swap reveal post up on February 26 so I am SUPER late the party (like always).

I was paired with Jess from Just Jess who is from the beautiful state of North Carolina (so jealous)!  All of the gifts she sent were so lovely and thoughtful, especially the toy she sent for Scout. Also, can we talk about the M n Ms and the PB cups... my favorites!

Work is going to be  real bear over the next two weeks. We have some people out of vacation and we're already understaffed as it is. I'm really passionate about my job and love it, but working in health care can be very tiring.

Closing thoughts...


  1. The pictures you got done for your anniversary are so good! And happy birthday to your niece. A Madeline themed birthday sounds so cute!

  2. Lovely photos! Love the gifts you got in the exchange too. Today I slept super late because my kids are home, but tomorrow I'll have to wake up on time - agh!

  3. Happy anniversary and happy birthday to your niece!!

  4. Happy birthday to your niece and yay for 10 years! I remember thinking 2019 was so far away when we got married in 2009! Haha, and now it's next year.

  5. Oh my goodness - 10 year anniversary!! How amazing - wishing you both continued happiness! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  6. Happiest anniversary- those pictures are so beautiful!