Five on Friday: Olympics Edition!

Today is a very special Five on Friday. It's the Olympics Edition! I'm Olympics obsessed and sad to see it come to a close this weekend. Here are five of my favorite things about this year's competition.

//1// Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins won the first ever gold medal for the USA in cross-country skiing. FIRST EVER. Ever, ever, ever. The only other medal won by an American in the cross-country discipline was a silver in 1976 (won by Bill Koch). Talk about girl power!

//2// So much girl power at these Olympics! USA Women's Hockey beat Canada for the gold medal. It's the first gold for the US in 20 years! You go girls!

//3// Ice Dancing was so much fun to watch this year! I usually stick to ladies', men's, and pairs, but it was all about ice dancing in 2018. Unlike the other disciplines where the USA had maybe one medal hopeful (Nathan Chen),  USA Ice Dancing had three medal hopefuls. The team of Hubbell/Donohue, the national champions, finished 4th, Chock/Bates finished 10th after a sad fall at the end of the program (the dance was still so, so beautiful), and the Shib Sibs won the bronze medal!

I'm hoping in the near future USA Ladies' skating makes a comeback. It was the best to watch when I was growing up in the 90s. We had Kristy, Michelle, Nancy, Tara... and even Tanya!

//4// I love how inclusive the Olympics are. There's even a sport for those with dad bods. USA Curling will be playing for the gold medal!

That 'stache tho!

//5// Best conversation I've had about the Olympics...

Nick: Did Mark Hamill skate in the 1998 Olympics?
Me: Uhhh. Umm... Mark Hamill plays Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. I think you're thinking of Scott Hamilton, and he won his gold medal in 1984.
Nick: Oh, I thought he was still skating in 1998 or something.

Until 2020...


  1. We've really enjoyed watching the Olympics here! I too remember all our skating greats from the '90s!

  2. I was obsessed with ice skating in the 90s! My mom used to take me to shows, and she even knew the son of one of the famous skating coaches (of course now I cant remember his name). I met Kristi and Kurt Brown and Scott was awesome!

  3. HAHAHAHA Hamilton/Hamill. Love it.

    We've watched a lot this year. US women killing it!

  4. I've been so busy the last few weeks that I haven't had a chance to watch very much of the Olympics. I'm kind of sad that I missed it.