Posts I'm Proud Of 2017

Happy Twenty Eighteen! Today I'm looking back on the blog posts I'm most proud of from 2017. I hope you'll take a look and catch up on some posts you may have missed. These were my favorites and labors of love!

Celebrating 1950s Fashion // 01.23.17

Frozen Biscoff Pie for Valentine's Day // 02.13.17

Five Beauty Tricks for Your Daily Routine // 02.17.17

Smart Tips for Easier Housekeeping // 03.08.17

Four Flirty Floral Looks for Spring // 04.03.17

How to Save For Your Future (In 3 Easy Steps) // 04.14.17

Toss or Keep? A Guide to Household Item Shelf Life // 04.19.17

Four Ways to Happier Days // 04.30.17

Helpful Tips for Overseas Flights // 05.17.17

Celeb Looks for Less // 06.17.17

Experiencing the Monaco Grand Prix // 06.28.17

Grandmommie's Pasta Salad // 07.12.17

Visiting Zermatt // 08.07.17

Frozen Margarita Pie // 09.01.17

To Flu or Not to Flu? // 09.18.17

The Truth About Workplace Bullying // 10.16.17

Harry's Gettin' Married! // 12.04.17

Winter Hair Don't Care // 12.06.17

Stealable Celebrity Holiday Style // 12.18.17

Five Perfect Wedding Dresses for Meghan Markle // 12.28.07

I'm looking forward to creating more fun, original  content for A Cute Angle in 2018
 (and also my Ireland trip and celebrating my TENTH wedding anniversary)!
 What are you looking forward to this year?


  1. These are all such great posts! :)

  2. You should be proud, I always enjoy the inspiration I garner here! You rock beautiful, Happy New Year!

  3. Of course I love the royal engagement post! :) I am reading that post on tips to easier housekeeping next. I can always use some help in that area! :)

  4. I am taking your advice in Saving For The Future. One of those things I've been putting off and need to make happen in 2018.

  5. What a fun look back. I missed your savings post so going to read that now! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to see what you write about in 2018! - Crystal