Visiting Zermatt

Zermatt can be found in the district of Visp in the German-speaking section of the canton of Valais. Located in Southern Switzerland, it's home to the famed Matterhorn mountain. Our trip around Switzerland in May took us to this amazing town.

To prevent air pollution, which could obscure the town's view of the Matterhorn, the entire town is combustion-engine, car-free zone. Because of this, we, like most visitors, reached Zermatt by cog railway train from the the nearby town of Tasch.

Almost all the vehicles in Zermatt are battery powered and almost completely silent. Electric vehicles are allowed for local commerce. Zermatt also boasts a helipad for the import of needed goods.

Although the main draw of visiting Zermatt are the breath taking views of the Matterhorn, the town also features centuries old homes, shops, restaurants, and a gave yard dedicated to those who have tried to reach the Matterhorn's summit.

The peak of the Matterhorn is only reachable on foot, visitors make their way up the Klein Matterhorn. Near the southern end of Zermatt, the Matterhorn Express gondola transports passengers up to the interchange station at Furi. From there, there is access to the Schwarzsee gondola which leads to Trockener Steg midstation, and the on to the Klein Matterhorn.

Once you reach the top of the of the Klein Matterhorn, you can enjoy the views from 12,500 feet, explore the ice cave, enjoy some authentic Swiss hot chocolate, or partake in a snow activity such as snow tubing.

Zermatt was an overwhelming experience. The town was so quiet and quaint, it was like it wasn't real. It was fairy tale like. I never wanted it to end!

Once I got home I was approached Modern Map Art and knew I needed Zermatt! Modern Map Art allows you to create your own one-of-a-kind map art. You can make posters, iPhone cases, pillows, and they offer art prints for sale. I was excited when my map of the ski trails and gondolas. Can't wait to pick a special spot for this and get it up on my wall!


  1. So AHHHmazing! Adore seeing your travels!!

  2. Wow!!!!!! What an amazing place!

  3. I loved visiting Zermatt! Such a pretty area. :)

  4. That is so cool! How are you wearing not boots? Was it not that cold? How interesting to know that the rides are based on real mountains. We saw Thunder Mountain in Sedona (which I guess is the polar opposite of the Matterhorn). I hear Switzerland is pricey, so I haven't decided if I'll ever end up going!!

  5. I love the map! I also love the beautiful river that flows thru town! - Crystal