Five Things on Friday 3.17.17

Happy Friday and happy St. Patrick's Day (if you're in to that). Here are Five Things for Friday!

//1// Bachelor Nick gave out his finally rose and got down on one knee and proposed to Vanessa!

The After the Fianl Rose interview was pretty awks, giving me doubts that it will last.

But in pictures that have surfaced after After the Final Rose they seem really happy!

//2// I have become obsessed with Jamberry! I love having my nails done, but it's not worth the time and effort when they chip is just a matter of few days.

The picture above shows a Jamberry wrap which I have had on for over a week vs. polish I had on for less than 24 hours. #winning

//3// I made Birthday Cake Popcorn for my friend/coworkers birthday. I got some many compliments on it! Recipe coming soon!

//4// I started watching Big Little Lies on HBO. I got a free 7-day trial because all thought all the episodes were out at once. Nope. Only four are out. Apparently it's a weekly series. Boo to HBO! #fail

These characters are so messed up in the head. It's a super weird show. However, I'm intrigued enough that I'd like to read the book!

//5// Friday Inspiration


  1. I'm currently reading the book and can't wait to start the series. I saw HBO was doing a promo for the series. Did not know they didn't share the whole season was out. That is how they get you!!

  2. I bet my daughter would like Jamberry! Polish seems to chip before she leaves the salon! Plus the designs look fun! Have a fun weekend! - Crystal Also, I am looking forward to the popcorn recipe!!

  3. I heard their interview was super weird, that photo confirms it.

  4. Birthday cake popcorn?!?! Yes please! That sounds amazing. And I am so with you on nail polish, what's the point?! Those Jamberry nails look awesome

  5. That popcorn looks amazing! And I called it from several weeks ago that Vanessa would win. Hoping they're doing better than ATFR, and I cannot wait for Rachel's season now <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Love that labels are for jars, not people.