Getting to Know You... Getting to Know All About You

Today I wanted to do something really light-hearted and fun! I love learning more about other bloggers. Below you will learn 10 things about me. Make sure to pick one question and answer it in the comments so I can learn more about you!

1. What is your biggest fear?
Snakes. They are the devil on earth. My fear is so bad that when I do come across a snake, I immedately have a panic attack complete with the sweats.

2. What is your favorite workout? Ballet classes. I've danced pretty much my entire life, and ballet is an awesome full body workout. It includes body weight strength training and cardio!

3. What's your natural hair color? I'm not really sure at this point! My roots usually come in a dark, ash blonde. I was bleach blonde by nature as a child though!

4. What is your favorite smell? Lilacs! I love them and always have lilac scented candles in the house.

5. Tell me the 3 best days in your life - or the first 3 that come to mind.

  • Graduating with my Bachelors (May 2006). I worked really hard to graduate with honors.
  • Getting married, but really being married (so every day for the last 8.5 years).
  • My sister being born. This one is in retrospect. I didn't care for her at the time, but now she's one my best friends and I'm so thankful for the day she came into this world (July 26, 1987).

6. What are your top 3 places currently on your bucket list to visit?

7. What is your favorite food? French Fries... uhhh gawd yum!

8. What is your current Netflix show of choice? I actually don't have Netflix! However, we did a free month trial to watch Fuller House and will probably do the same thing when season 2 comes out!

9. Were you named after anyone?
My parents had a waitress named Ashley at a Red Lobster in Florida after they moved there after getting married (circa 1980). They really loved it, and when their first child was a boy, the name got passed to me, their first girl! My name middle name is Elizabeth, in honor of my maternal great-grandmother.

10. What's your favorite hamburger topping? Cheese, pickles, yellow mustard. Boom.

Make sure to pick one question and answer it in the comments so I can learn more about you!


  1. I love Fuller House too! Can't wait for the next season! :) I also watched This Is Us this week and it was SO good! I'd highly recommend it!

  2. I prefer my burgers plain with ketchup only - no cheese even. If I'm feeling "fancy" I will use balsamic ketchup, barbecue sauce or siracha.

    My middle name is Elizabeth too after my paternal grandmother.

  3. I love getting to know fellow bloggers as well! I totally feel you on the not really appreciating a sister until we got older. My sister and I used to fight all the time growing up, but now we're really close. And I love what you said about being married too! It just gets better with time, right?

  4. That cheeseburger looks amazing! My hair was white blonde too, but sadly has moved to a blondish/brownish color now. I am scared of snakes, too! They pretty much paralyze me. And another thing that really scares me is dogs that are loose with their owner not around them.

  5. I have pickles, cheese and mustard on my burgers too!! Such a fun Q&A! Snakes....I screamed just reading this!!! Hope your week is off to a great start!!

  6. I literally just got so excited when I saw that Fuller House season 2 is coming out soon- hopefully soon as in next month?! I love lilac scents too and always go for pickles on my burgers too!

  7. I'm not a fan of snakes either, they creep me out!

  8. I love the story of how you got your name! :) I really love ballet, too!

  9. I love getting to know other bloggers :) crazy but my brother was born July 18,1987! I am named after a long line of Italian cousins who were Amilia mom liked a different spelling so I'm Emelia Anne. Fun post :)

  10. Lilac is one of my favorite smells, along with lemon and lavender. I actually like snakes, they are easy pets.

  11. I completely agree about the snakes! My travel wish list is: Iceland, Germany, and Spain! I love how you got your name! What a fun post!! - Crystal

  12. I'm right there with you about snakes. They freak me out!!

  13. Love these kinds of posts!!! And girllllll, French fries?! You know it!! :)

  14. Loved getting to know you better! Amen to french fries =)

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