Five FriYAYs

Friday, Friyay! Here are my five favorite things this week.

//1// I Said Yes: My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and True Love by Emily Maynard Johnson

I read this book in 3 days and loved it!

Emily is best known for trying to find love on camera, appearing in Season 15 of The Bachelor and starring as The Bachelorette on the show’s 8th season.  Prior to seeking love on reality TV, she lost her fiance, NASCAR star Ricky Hendrick, in a tragic plane crash when she was just 18 years old. Days after his death she found out she was pregnant with his child, her now 10 year old daughter Ricki. After both of Emily’s TV romances (yup, 2!) ended in failure, she abandoned her desire to have men choose her, and found the joy and love she was seeking in God.  In I Said Yes Emily discusses her life before and after her TV gigs and why she left fame in favor of faith and serving God.

Guess what? I've loved it so much I'm giving away a copy today! (See the end of the post to enter).

Cheers to a giveaway!

//2// The weather.

It was 60 degrees all week except for Thursday. This weather is not typical for Michigan in March and I hope it's not just teasing us. It rained for a sort period on Wednesday, saturating the ground which allowed me to do some yard work that night after work.

Can't wait for those ugly hedges to go!

We have planned for awhile to completely overhaul the existing landscaping that the previous owners had done. They were really into all that, and Nick and I are really not. We're planning to rip out almost everything and overall downsize- making a smaller bed and adding a lot more lawn.

Nick and Scout had a lot of fun outside too.

Nick worked on his bike in the garage in this nice weather!

//3// New pictures of the Royals. 

How cute!

//4// I voted!

The primaries took place in Michigan on Tuesday. I've always talked about the importance of casting an informed vote on this blog. I'm all about women voting too. We've only had that right  since 1920 (less than 100 years!) which is pretty wild when you remember that our nation was created in 1776.

//5// Words of Wisdom

Enter to win a copy of Emily Maynard Johnson's I Said Yes!
Giveaway ends on Friday, March 18!
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  1. I love Emily Maynard! Her book sounds amazing! Your house is adorable. :) I have been obsessed with the weather in the 60s this week. I really hope it stays!

  2. I really want to read her book! I think I'd love it!

  3. I love the pictures of the Royals, they look like such a happy family.

  4. The Royal family as snow bunnies. I'm obsessed. And I didn't know that was what Emily's book was about. That's awesome!

  5. How fun are those Royal family pictures?! Awesome giveaway! I'd love to read Emily's book <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. The weather this week has been amazing!! Even tomorrow is supposed to be nice again so fingers crossed it's here to stay. I also finished Emily's book just last night and loved it!

  7. i was wondering how emily's book would be. it's good to know you liked it. i want to ready it.

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