Businesses Making a Difference: Naja

I first heard about the lingerie brand Naja on an episode of Shark Tank. Catalina Girald  did not strike a deal with The Sharks, but what her company was doing really peaked my interest.

(All this good info is from the Naja website).

Inspired by the women she met during her 18 months of backpacking through remote countries, Colombian born Catalina started Naja with a vision: to empower women through lingerie and create a culture where women help each other.

Through Naja's partnership with the Golondrinas Foundation and the company's Underwear for Hope program, Naja helps educate single mothers so that they can learn marketable skills. Naja then employ them so that thy can help themselves and their children. Through Naja's Underwear for Hope program and our partnership with the Golondrinas Foundation in Colombia, Naja trains single or head of household mothers to sew.

A percentage of every purchase made goes toward supporting Naja's entrepreneurial sewing program for women through the Golondrinas Foundation. When you buy a bra, Naja gives you a lingerie wash bag so that you can wash your undergarments. Each lingerie bag is made at home by one of the women/single mothers that Naja employ through Underwear for Hope.

Naja offers a selection of bras, panties, and swim with comparable prices to Victoria's Secret. New subscribers get 10% off their first purchase and two or more items ship free. You an invite friends to shop at Naja by sending them a $15 off voucher. For each redeemed offer you get $15 off to shop! Naja is set apart by it's unique design and special message in each pair of panties!

Consider Naja next time you are shopping for new underthings for yourself, a wedding shower, or bachelorette party. Help support women!


  1. Love some of these patterns!
    I also love the message of encouraging women to help one another. In a society where people are so quick to tear one another down, I can get behind a company that wants to support, and build women back up!

  2. How cool, love that she is helping women support their families! Such pretty pieces too!