Friday Five 5.22.15

//1// My sweet little niece had her first dance recital last weekend. I live in Michigan and my entire family lives in Pennsylvania so, unfortunately, I was unable to be there. I started dance when I was her age and it became a life long passion. I was bummed I missed it, but was happy to hear that she did awesome! Isn't she the cutest?!

//2// How awesome did Danica McKellar look at the Billboard music awards this week? Love her dress! She's hot!

//3// Currently reading:

//4// Oil of the Week:

Got my ordered lavender in the mail this week! My allergies are terrible this month so as soon as I received this I started diffusing the allergy trio - Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon. We started doing blood draws on each other in class and I've been using the lavender on some gnarly bruises I have from that. Ask me more...

//5// Still waiting on my official externship placement (ugh), but we did get our national exam study books this week!

Two more weeks of skills validation in the class room and then off to my externship!

The Monday Madness Link Up will be moving from Monday 5/25 to Tuesday 5/26.

Enjoy the long weekend!


  1. There is honestly nothing cuter than little kids in dance!! Way too sweet :) :)

  2. Danica will always be "Winnie" to me. I really liked that Jennifer Weiner book - I think I read it last summer. I just recently began using essential oils and I'm loving the lavendar! My daughter and I have migraines, so I'm trying them for that reason.

  3. Fun fact, my sorority sister's brother married Danica! Such a small world. Her dress was gorgeous. I'm actually JUST watching the awards now haha.

    And your niece is too cute!!